Rancho Viejo, 1 Rancho Viejo Dr., Rancho Viejo, TX 78575, 1-800-531-7400


"Mi casa es su casa" is an Old Spanish phrase that means "my house is your house." That invitation to relax and make yourself at home is at the core of our service philosophy.
Our "hotel" is made up of 22 villas conveniently located near the Pro Shop and comfortably surrounded by the lush fairways of the El Diablo golf course or the serene waters of Resaca del Rancho Viejo, a waterway that used to be a part of the Rio Grande River Delta.

The Southwestern styled villas are designed with a central suite and bedrooms on each side. Each bedroom features a private entrance, two double beds, patios, refreshment center, bath and vanity, color television, air conditioning, and writing desk. Suites are furnished for efficiency use with fully electric kitchens, and spacious dining and living areas.

Rancho Viejo
1 Rancho Viejo Dr.
Rancho Viejo, TX 78575

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