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Irapuato Guanajuato
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An excellent choice when visiting historical Irapuato Mexico. Comfortable stay, great rates and full amenities.

Irapuato is a Mexican city located at the foot of the Arandas mountain. The city's main industry is agriculture and the fruits and flowers of Irapuato's luxurious gardens are well known throughout Mexico.

In the pre-Hispanic era, the site was inhabited by the Chichimecas (c. 1200 C.E.), a group of semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers. Later on, the Tarascans (also known as the P'urhépecha) conquered the region and initiated the establishment of a permanent settlement. They constructed buildings in the tarascan architectural style, produced pottery, and practiced agriculture. They called the settlement Xiriquitzio (or Iriquitzio), which the Spanish conquerors pronounced "Jiricuato"